Monday, February 23, 2009

Ruqayya @ school

Playing with friends

Painting (wearing her fav hat)

Playing with play-doh

Halloween Party

Celebrate brithday with James and John

Ruqayya 2's Birthday

We started to send Ruqayya to 'two yr old' class last year in September. The first day of school, she was very shy and very clingy to me. She didn't want to talk to anybody include her teacher, Mina. She goes once a week on Friday morning from 9am till 12pm. Of course I have to stay with her till the class ends. They have about 15 kids in her class. She loves to play 'tea party', play house, art and all the toys there. She had a great time on the first day of school. So, we continued sending her there. She still goes to school every Friday. Now, she has many friends and love to play with them. She loves painting and play dress up. Her fav thing is the pink hat. Last week she had a week break before the spring class start.

Now, she is not so clingy to me anymore and more independent. She talks a lot and loves to sing. It's very nice to see her play with her friends. So, this Friday will be her 1st day of spring class after her 1 week off last week. She's looking forward to attend it.

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