Monday, February 23, 2009

Babywearing Journey

SSC Beco Metropolis

Vatanai Maruyama wrap

Vatanai Tibet RS

SSC Ergo

My 1st DIY wrap. Wrapping my girl at 4weeks old.

My babywearing journey begins with my 2nd child. I didn't know anything about BW with my 1st. So, I didn't wear him. I wished I knew it earlier coz it gives lots of benefits such as....bonding, don't have to struggle with a bulky stroller when you're in a tight places, handsfree, can do chores when wear your baby...etc. Like people said...better late than never :). Thanks to my girlfriend who introduced it to me about BW. I never looked back after that and it was an addiction too :p. Now, I still wearing my girl although I don't wear her as often as I used to. She's 2 1/2 yrs, she likes to walk more than to be carry....hehe. Sometimes she do ask me to wear her and I won't say NO.... :). My hubby does carry her but not often. He loves BW her. Now, my addiction for BW is lesser coz my girl has grown up....I think it'll come back once I have a new baby... :p. At least now, I get to save some money and spend towards myself...hehe. My stashes also become lesser now coz I sold which ever carrier that I don't use anymore and keep which ever I use it in regular basis.

I recommend (US base forum) and (Malaysia base forum) if anybody wants to start BW. These 2 sites give lots of info on BW and so other things that related to attachment parenting.

Happy Babywearing!!

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