Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow 121109-121309

It has been 3 years we didn't go up the mountains to play with snow. So, last Dec '09 we went to Camp Sierra in Fresno for our 1st snow season. We had a blast time there with other friends that joined us for the weekend. The 1st day, we didn't do any sledding coz we lost 1 of the snow chain on the tire...didn't know it came off till my hubby stopped the van to examined it. Then by the time we got a new chain....the road already slippery due to the icy road and we couldn't go to the sno-park area. It was snowing all day till the next morning. Luckily the 2nd day the weather was beautiful and we had a great time sledding at the campsite and then before we went back home we stopped at the sno-park to play again. Can't wait to go again next month....

my lil girl on a sled

putting on the snow chains