Monday, February 8, 2010


Here is my latest sewing project. It was my 1st attempt making this, it took me about 5 weeks to complete it. Hopefully my 2nd attempt will be easy and quick :D. Love this bag coz I can put everything inside....we (girls & moms) loves to carry all sort of things.... :p


  1. wow advanced nye bag ni kak wiera!! akak buat pattern sendiri ke??cantik!!!

  2. aida...not my own pattern...i bought amy butler's pattern...the bag is called 'Sophia Bag'. outside exactly the same as the pattern but inside i add more pockets...thanks :)

    p/s: u're my to see all ur sewing projects :)

  3. nice, aizura!!
    i'm not a bag person.. so no bag sewing projects yet :p